Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve

We have never done anything major for New Years Eve other then watch a movie. Seriously. In fact, the boys are normally in bed at their normal time, as are we, and we announce to the boys over dinner that the next day will be a new year. They are always wowed by this thought, and we celebrate in the morning with our annual New Years Day pancakes. A few years ago in a Family Fun magazine I saw an idea for count down bags for kids to ring in the New year. The idea was to fill them with a variety of fun things to do. I logged that idea away and never really put it into practice as we tend to be a bit rigid about bedtime around here the majority of the time.

On one of the homeschool message boards I frequent many of the Moms have actually put the idea into practice with catchy little rhymes and fun things packed inside. Which led to the discussion, in our house, of doing something fun with the boys this year. Which led to much planning and conspiring around the house this week.

We rounded up our empty flour sacks (yes we have a lot..) and we pinned clock faces to the front. Originally we planned to count down from 12 noon until 10 pm. However, a few things have come up and we've decided not to count down until 2pm. Our bags are filled with: (2) New Year's Eve Glasses, Visors, & a kids resolution book, (3) Mario Party for the family (4) make brownies (I put the mix in a jar, and we'll just add the missing ingredients), (5) make mini pizzas, (6) Play Yahtzee Free For All, (7) Begin our new read aloud for the new year, (8) Watch Mr Magoo (we'll roll the clock forward while they're watching the movie..) (11:30) Sparklers & Party Poppers and eating those brownies (12) Happy New Year and setting off our poppers and Sparklers. The boys will have a blast and we'll all be in bed at a reasonable hour, until the fireworks down by the bay wake us up at the real midnight!

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Bronwyn said...

What a fun idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! I may have to work fast and put something like this together too!