Sunday, December 6, 2009


Check out this adorable crochet pattern! I have a small fetish for Nativities, and while searching for something else the other day I stumbled upon Gourmet Crochet. I was very excited to see a crocheted pattern for a Nativity scene. I've seen a variety of them out there for knitting, but me and knitting needles just don't seem to get along very well. I can't wait to dig into this project, but I'll have to pick up some more yarns first.


Michele said...

I love this! I will be making this for the boys next year!

Kendra said...

I can't wait to go get the yarn for it! :D It's sooo stinking cute.

schmobes said...

That is FABULOUS! I was looking for a set my kids could play with, and this might just be the winner. For next year, of course :)