Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been quite good this year and just wanted to send you a quick note so you know what I'd love for Christmas. I'm sure you must all ready know, really I am, but just in case I thought I should tell you. I'd really love a new set of measuring cups because I'm always running out with all the baking I do around here. I thought the Babushka Measuring cups were quite cute, not to mention functional, don't you? So I can be a more sharing person I thought the cute ladybug ipod speakers would be just right. That way I can share all my lovely music and audiobooks with the rest of my family. I'm sure they'd enjoy every bit of it! I could really use an extra large water can because it's taking a half dozen trips to and from the kitchen sink to water the garden. You'd understand the annoyance of the door flying and the blowies getting in, right? We're always short on chairs around here and the Exerball Chair looks like so much fun, plus it's suppose to encourage good posture. That's important isn't it? My stick blender stopped working and I really miss it, would you please bring me a knew one? I'd promise to use it quite often, really I would! I could use a new BPA free water bottle too, a very helpful hand broke one of the lids on mine. It's a bit rough keeping uncapped bottles from spilling with little ones around. I've been asking for a pink kayak for years, and I know the boys would join me in playing with it and I'd promise to share.. most of the time. So, if you really do exist, I just thought I'd let you know.

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