Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Stockings

We went a little stocking crazy around here this month. Mr Scarecrow and I needed stockings, because frankly the dirty socks Mr Scarecrow keeps using each year is kinda.. well, gross. So I thought I'd whip a couple up, but I wanted to test my idea first. Only it came out so cute (see picture to the left) that I decided to decorate the railing on the stairs with them. Which was probably wiser then the lights I wanted to use. You'll have to ignore the hideous wall border in the background; if it were up to me, it would so be torn down.. I started out with the stockings considerably closer, but after 2 hours of sewing 18 tiny little stockings I decided I'd had enough. When we hung them up Mr Scarecrow decided it was a splendid idea, he just wished I'd come up with it sooner so I could have tucked surprises inside for him. Then of course Morgan wanted everyone to pick out a favorite one, which caused a lot of commotion on the stairs. Believe it or not those little things are held up with blu tac, which works really well unless someones decides to hold the railing and slide down, and yeah.. there's one in this house who does that.

See, I told you we went a little stocking crazy! I was doing an image search in google when I stumbled upon this pattern. I didn't turn the toe and heel bits under. I used small bits of ribbon in them too.

Then I finally got around to making our stockings. The Mr Men stocking didn't come exactly as I'd hoped for it, but the receiver loves it immensely. The snowman stocking is, of course, mine. I was quite pleased with it, and while you can't see it, the inside is lined with pink flannel. It matched quite well. I've had that snowman material for sometime and been looking for the perfect project for it too! I did not end up using a pattern for this process. Instead I copied a stocking we had, don't laugh too loud, but it was the dog's stocking. However, there's an awesome pattern and instructions for free via Mccalls if you're interested.

The boys thought the stockings were so great they asked if I'd make them each one. Jayden has been taken with that material, and while it's hard to tell in the photo it's blue and the pine trees on it are blue, except for the silver ones. The cuff on his is a dark blue too. Can you tell he's into blue? He prefers to wear blue pants, blue shirts, and he gets quite cross if he's all out of blue undies. Morgan wanted a gingerbread stocking, he's been obsessed with gingerbread men for a while. The problem was the only material I had with gingers on them is what I used in his cuff, and that's about all of it I had. So I decided to applique a ginger onto a plain stocking for him. He was quite pleased with the end result.

While this isn't a stocking I had to share.. The boys have a Little People Nativity which they are allowed to set up anywhere in the house they want each year. It actually gets used all year round, but anyway.. Last year Spiderman, Santa, & numerous others visited the little scene. This year when I suggested they set it up they asked if the bathroom was okay. I said yes. Don't laugh! Our toilet is not in there, it's in it's own little room. So they set it up on the large countertop near the sink. I went in and found the Sailor in the Nativity. I found it amusing, and when I inquired as to why he was there the response was, "We can't find Joseph, but we figured he was good enough since he has a hat!" Yeah, I dunno I guess the thought of a sailor in the stable with Jesus just really cracked me up. I've also noticed that the wisemen have slowly been making their way around the sink to the stable. Somehow or another the camel got there first.

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