Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorating

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and since the weather hasn't been too delightful outside we've been having fun decorating the inside. These stars normally reside in the archway where our Christmas garland now resides, so we moved them to a window. It was so fun watching the boys make the connection as to why we decorate with stars around Christmas this year. Morgan's asked so many amazing questions this Christmas season I'll really have to share them in another post.. These are the same stars we made last Christmas. They are super simple and quick to whip up, we might have to make some more next year.

We all have a favorite, Mine would be the reindeer, Jayden's is the Blue with pine trees, Morgan is torn on three, and Mr Scarecrow has the same favorite as I do. What about you?

Don't scream it too loud, but my kitchen window has been decorated like this since last Christmas. The shell is new, one of the boys picked it up at the beach and gave it to me. The Cross is from an Easter craft Jayden made. Is that Santa Clause funny or what? While we don't do Santa here that was a birthday present last year from Jayden. I love Snowmen (notice the other two decorations..) Well, he saw Morgan pick out a snowman for me and decided I must love Christmas things so he grabbed a Santa. Santa is very good at holding my wedding band when I have to mess with raw meat..

One of our many nativities, this one sits on the breakfast bar area. If you look closely you'll notice Mary has a hole in her dress and her waist is taped to her top half, Gabriel is missing a wing, and if I'm not mistaken the sheep has a chip missing too. I'm not the only one in this house who happens to love nativities. Poor Mary had a spill her first day out of the box when a certain young man decided she must have surely climbed a mountain to get to Bethlehem. Many tears were spilled until the cello tape was pulled out, and that was just me. I'm pretty sure the offender was hiding in the closet until I opened it up to fetch the tape..

The boys look forward to this Nativity set each Christmas. It comes with a little booklet entitled What God Really Wants For Christmas. You read a small poem each day for 7 days and open a little box as well. Each day you pluck out a character to the set and on the 7th day you'll find quite the surprise in the box. And yes, that Gabriel is missing an arm. I'm telling you, the boys have a thing for Gabriel, which is always said Gavriel around here.. Wait until you see the nativity they set up on their own in the bathroom (pictures to come..)

I'm not sure why that snowman ornament looks sad, but when I saw a box of snowmen ornaments for only a couple of dollars I couldn't resist. I love the handprint ornaments, we're slacking this year on making them as we're struggling to find white glue again. I may have to make some, and I promise not to spill it on myself this time Mom! The boys really love those funny foil star/ball things. They saw a giant one in a local shop and asked the girls working if they could buy one. Apparently the only one they had was hanging from the ceiling, the boys were pretty sad about that.

That Angel and Gingerbread boy are suppose to hold candy canes, but I opted out. Do you know what hanging up candy canes around here does? It entices little boys to want to eat them! Our Jesse Tree is still a big hit here. The boys have had a lot of fun making the connection with the various studies we've done this year. I love the cinnamon ornaments. We have them hanging up in various places around the house. It smells so nice in here..

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