Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Candy Cane Popcorn

My kids have been all about candy canes this year. It was only spurred farther on by The Legend Of The Candy Cane which they full adored. Candy Canes, however, are loaded with sugar and while I did find a recipe to make my own I haven't had the time yet. So I decided to treat them to candy corn popcorn. I figured, that at least in theory, it should work. I remember Dad throwing sugar in the pot of popcorn to make a sugary type carmel corn. So I crushed up a half dozen candy canes while Morgan was busy shaking the popcorn pan. I dumped them in and went back to crushing. Morgan started talking to me and forgot to shake; I reminded him too late and we burnt the entire thing. So we started again. This time I shook and he helped Daddy crush. We threw in 2 T olive (or coconut) oil, 1/2 c popcorn, & about 6-8 candy canes crushed up. They don't have to be finely crushed, just smashed up is good enough. They'll melt in the hot pan anyway. Pour the oil in a large pan and add 2-4 kernels. Once they pop add the rest of the corn and the candy canes, and shake the pan until the popping stops. Then dump it into a bowl and stir it with a wooden spoon to help the candy cane travel a bit more. Not only is it really pretty to look at, it tasted good too! Do not touch the popcorn straight away because it will be hot. Let it cool for a minute or two.

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