Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent/Jess Tree Devotions

This year I'd mentioned doing a tutorial on how to make the Jesse Tree that I shared photos of last year. The idea had been that I'd also do a give-away for the finished Jesse Tree and a copy of The Glorious Coming by Ann Voskamp to go with it. Only, much to my disappointment, when I went looking for another e-book of The Glorious Coming I discovered it was no longer available as an ebook! Apparently they stopped selling it as an ebook at the end of October or November and you can only buy it as a soft-cover book until the very end of 2009. The author would like to redo the devotions, and then perhaps after that it will be back as an ebook.

While there are many devotionals and ornaments out there, I just truly loved the ornaments in The Glorious Coming and thus I would have needed the devotional to give away with the wall hanging. So maybe next year when it's rereleased I'll be able to try again. In the mean time, if you're curious about what the ornaments look like as well as the devotionals you can find them on Ann's Blog! The only difference between her blog posts and what you'd find in the book would be: 1, the Bible readings are all printed in the book for you from the KJV. 2, You'd get very good size and quality pictures of those ornaments to print out.

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