Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Voices

Have you heard the 12 Voices of Christmas? It's the story of Christmas starting with Gabriel, The Voice of Disclosure. Then there's Zacharias the Voice of Disbelief; Elizabeth (which should be spelled with an s to be honest..) the voice of Blessing; John The Baptist, the voice of Preperation. Next comes Mary the Voice of Wonder; Joseph the voice of Reason; Angels, the Voice of Praise. The Shepherds are the voice of Declaration; Anna is the Voice of Thanksgiving; Simeon is the Voice of Peace. Herod is the Voice of Deception, and it end with the Wisemen, the voice of Adoration. Each person tells their story from their own point of view, and does so in great detail. Can't listen? If you click on each characters name then you'll be able to read their story instead. We like to listen while we craft, it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.


Michele said...

Thanks for posting this Kendra. It is fantastic. We listened to it yesterday. It will be something we do each year!

The Unsell Family said...

Thank you for sharing this Kendra!!

Kendra said...

We discovered them a few years ago! :D