Saturday, November 7, 2009

Word Count

My word count is about 8,500 or so words short right now to finish my 50,000 on time. I'm slow, mostly from lack of time, but hope to get caught up through the weekend. We shall see, we shall see.. You'll have to excuse the lack of blog posts while I attempt to get caught up!

Sunday Update: I'm now 82 words ahead of myself, but I fear I advanced too quickly and may struggled to fit in all that I need. Not editing as I go is about as painful as poking myself in the eye!


Tristan said...

You can do it! I'm writing today and catching up too. I just hit 7045 words. That leaves 4624 words to be on schedule for today. If I can just get the kids and daddy to go somewhere without me...LOL.

Kendra said...

lol, Well, I set my kids to their morning chores and sat down to write a bit while I waited on them.. So I'm all caught up. :D