Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Letter

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thanksgiving has creeped up on me again, but don’t worry I’m prepared this year! I made an entire list of fun things for the kids and I to work on. It’s been an experience and I’m sure we’ve learned a lot. Like how to get paint out of the school carpet, and that no matter how many papers you jam in the printer it will still only print one copy at a time. The projects are picture worthy and once I figure out how to get the smashed graham cracker out of the usb port I’ll send pictures.

The kids begged for turkey this year and I agreed to check on prices. At $65 a turkey I was willing to skip the traditional for chicken. Poultry is poultry right? The kids persisted and won out. Don’t worry, we didn’t break the bank. We simply traded in your Christmas presents, the kids were certain you wouldn’t mind! Fresh cranberries were out, and I received quite the lecture at the health food store about the flavor of cranberries when I picked up dried ones. I pretended to listen and smiled politely. You’d have been proud. I’ve settled for bottled cranberry sauce which I’m certain I can doctor up with a bit of maple syrup and fresh oranges.

I’ve skipped the sweet potato casserole, you know I’m not a big fan and besides the kids ate all the marshmallows so it wouldn’t have been as tasty. We’ll have white potatoes though, and corn pudding if we can locate the recipe. Why is it that the family recipes are the ones that always come up missing? Im pretty sure the mice are in on this since I don’t have a shoebox that eats them.

I’m only slightly concerned about balancing the cooking jobs and making sure everything is done on time. Surely our guests won’t mind waiting until 8 to eat if I mess up, right? It’s tradition after all! It’ll be a chore to keep them busy though because it’s not like I can suggest they watch the football games and keep me informed on just how much Dallas and Detroit lose by. I’ve decided I’ll have to teach them American football, it shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve decided I’ll serve everyone on paper plates, but it’ll have to be the super cheap ones because I’ve spent the rest of our budget on that turkey. I’m pretty sure the plates will hold up if I suggest that we eat like the pilgrims did and skip the knives and forks. Less dishes is always good.

I even made pies, including pumpkin! I had to go and pick out a pumpkin, which is quite the chore. They aren’t orange you know! I managed to bake it and then mash it with only minor difficulty. Do you think my guests will notice the orange on the ceiling if I stick with the candle light method?

I’m exhausted all ready and I haven’t even started cooking yet! I’m not worried though, I’ve given the dog explicit instructions on when to throw the turkey in the oven so that I can catch a few extra minutes of sleep on Thanksgiving. He’s enlisted the help of the guinea pigs so I can sneak out for a few minutes. I’m not sure I liked his enthusiasm at being left in charge of the meat, so the boys will be overseeing the entire process.

Our Christmas movie is still being debated in order to wrap up the evening in typical tradition. The verdict is out still but it looks like It’s a Wonderful Life is out this year. I can’t say I was surprised by that, but don’t worry I’ve wrapped it up in flashy paper to stick in their stockings instead.

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, and so are the kids. After all it’s not every day I offer up 4 different deserts at one time is it? Don’t worry though, I’m sure there will be enough pumpkin pie left for breakfast the day after! It is tradition after all..

Everyone has said to pass on their love and tell you Happy Thanksgiving! You’ll have to let us know how badly the Cowboys and Lions lose by and who gets the grotesque turkey with 6 legs. Tell us who has the best float in the Macy’s Day Parade, did the Wiggles make it again this year?

All Our Love,

Lawrence, Kendra, Morgan, & Jayden (Cookie and Buster refused to sign under protest of not being left alone with the food..)

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