Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Craft

We had so much fun with this particular craft from our 30 Days Of Thanks & Giving that we had to share. The boys were really excited to find the feathers in their workboxes and delighted when I set them loose with the supplies they needed. They were having so much fun I decided to make my own (smaller one). These were really simple to make too. So much so that Morgan made his own Chinese lantern after I folded the paper in half for him. We used some thick 12x12 paper that I'd picked up from Kmart. Then we used a ruler to mark off our cutting marks. We simply laid the ruler down and drew a line on each side of it until we reached the other side of the paper. We cut off the thinner strip to use as a handle (but ended up omitting it). I ended up cutting out the shapes for the eyes and the headbands as well as the smiles. The boys each cut their own teeth, and I copied their idea!

Here's Jayden's little Indian Lantern. He really went to town on this little fellow and had so much fun. We were quite amazed because Jayden, while enjoying the outcome, isn't always into doing crafts without lots of help. It was his idea to add the feather arms. He really loved playing with the feathers!

This is Morgan's funny fellow. Gotta love those teeth right? He painstakingly glued each little tooth onto that paper smile face. He made us all look away until he was done so he could surprise us with his outcome. May I just say keeping my eyes closed while attempting to hold on a smile was.. difficult. Enter clothes pegs, which held it on beautifully while he worked away.

Here's my crazy lantern too. I decided to make mine a bit shorter and cut off about an inch of my paper. Mind you my paper was folded in half so that was actually 2 inches, or 1 inch on each end. I also added hair to mine and I curled the hair by rolling it over a pencil. The boys giggled an awful lot at it and said the hair was funny. All three of our lanterns are now sitting proudly on the fireplace.

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