Thursday, November 5, 2009

Star Wars Strikes Again

After many months of saving and planning he was delighted to realize he finally had enough money to buy his long awaited Star Wars gun. I won't horrify you with how much he had to save up in order to make this purchase, but I will tell you there was lots of of excitement over the trip to the store and pulling it off the shelf. Then we had to come home and find 3 AA batteries for it. Between you and me, for what Jayden paid for that toy he should have gotten a lifetime supply of batteries for free! He's completely and totally enthralled with his purchase. While you can't tell from that picture there are many pieces that snap on and off and depending on which pieces are on and which pieces are off will depend upon the noise it makes when he pulls the trigger. Between you and me, I'm wishing I'd never found those 3 AA batteries. We don't normally boy noisy toys, but after watching a 6 year old dutifully save his money for 2 months we weren't going to rain on his party over the noise. All though, I will be the first to admit to losing patience over the noise and saying, "Outside. OUTSIDE NOW!" In my defence he was in the middle of a rapid fire battle and couldn't hear me. However, this toy is now banned from the school room. After the Indian Math episode we don't need any help from Star Wars.

Please ignore the very filthy AstroBoy t-shirt. He found it in a box of clothes I was sorting through this week and he refused to take it off until we told him we were going to have to pop him in the washer too if it wasn't in the laundry room before bedtime last night!

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