Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Jayden has really fallen in love with Squanto. He's full of questions about him and gladly sat down to listen when I pulled out Squanto's Journey (awesome artwork and story for the record..) so this evening I did a quick search for Squanto. Mostly I was looking for a picture, out of curiosity kinda thing. I stumbled upon a Weekly Reader story that one can read themselves or have read to them. Afterwards you can answer the questions online if you want, or you can print them and the story out. Jayden wanted to do both. He's now requested a Squanto costume as well as a Teddy Roosevelt costume. You can also read an interesting piece on Squanto here if you're interested.

We also had fun making a Fact or Fiction cootie catcher today. The boys have had a blast with this thing, and ironically, learning funny little tidbits about the pilgrims. I really must make one of these for math! The boys go nuts with these things each time we make one up.

PS, don't forget voting ends on the 21st, better cast your vote while you can!

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