Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yesterday evening we decided to go down to the beach in search of sea glass. We're attempting to fill our jar over the next few months. On our way back Buster started nosing around what we thought was a large rock, so we went to see what the big deal was. Much to our surprise he was actually nosing a shark head! Mind you, while it seemed like a large rock it was only a small shark, also known as a dogfish to the best we can tell. If we're right then we've found the head of an endangered gulper shark. Oddly enough it was Mr Scarecrow who was more creeped out by the thought of taking a shark head home then the rest of us. However, we pointed out that no one was going to really believe it without a few pictures to prove it!

Which led to Jayden scooping it up and dumping it in the sand pail I was carrying. Yeah, suddenly I was the one who was just a bit creeped out. So Jayden offered to carry the pail back home again.

Morgan felt the shark looked grumpy, but Jayden felt he looked sad. I was busy disinfecting my kitchen table with vinegar after the photo session. All though I have to say that if we've guessed right on the species of shark we've found I suggested we make a call and see if there's someone who needs/wants the head. Mr Scarecrow felt that was over the tops and wrapped the poor head in two plastic bags and then plopped it in a ziplock bag before putting it outside.


Morgan said...

So cool! Oh the awesome discoveries homeschoolers get to have!

I would see if someone wants it. Like for a skull to use for educational purposes. (Do they even call the head of a shark a skull?)

Tara said...

My son would have been all over that shark! That's right up his alley. BTW, I left you an award on my blog!