Thursday, November 26, 2009

PS: Mom & Dad

PS: I've decided to scrap the rolls too, cause we don't need rolls and mashed potatoes right? I know you won't think less of me for that right, Mom? The kids won't know the difference and since they're still busy oogling over the ice cream that they are not suppose to be eating until tomorrow I figure I'm safe.

Instead, I put my time to better use and took those dried cranberries I was lectured over and made cranberry sauce. I know, very "Little House On The Prairieish" of me, but it worked! It turns out dried cranberries still have enough pectin in them. I know you'll be proud that I found a way to sneak a science lesson into the days cooking, even if I was the only one present for it. Apparently cricket trumps cranberry sauce. Mind you, they all came running as soon as they heard me clapping and cheering at my own success. They were not, however very impressed to find out it was over cranberry sauce instead of ice cream or chocolate.

The corn pudding recipe has been found (thanks Mom, aren't you glad I didn't wait until 2 am to call or something dreadful like that?) Did you know that creamed corn has sugar in it? I know, weird, right? See, I snuck in another science lesson in the grocery store. It went over much better, except for the other shoppers who didn't understand why some American was freaking out over the label on the creamed corn. I was really beginning to think the corn pudding tradition was going to be canceled! If there is one thing I will always remember Buddy for it is most certainly her corn pudding and fruit salad.

So instead, I came home and I looked up creamed corn. After being totally grossed out, but not nearly as much as I was the time I looked up information on pasture fed beef.. I found out you can make your own. Please, do not drag out the blender. It turns out you don't need it! A bit of flour, butter, and coconut sugar later and another Thanksgiving tradition has been saved. I know you guys would be so proud!

I haven't been able to figure out a way to reinact the Macy's Day Parade though. I considered putting on our own, but I suspect if the police arrived it wouldn't be to join us. So instead I'm going to surprise the boys with a giant turkey balloon in the morning. Okay, so it won't be the same, but I'm pretty sure we'll think of something fun to do with him, don't you?

I wish you guys could be here with us, but I'm sure you're having loads of fun with everyone else. Give out extra hugs to the official in camo for us, and please don't ask him about the mashed potatoes. You'd be so grossed out! Tell his nearest and dearest if she gets too cold in her new home she can come visit us because we have lots of sun! I'm sure if you arrange it just right you guys might even be able to stow away in their baggage!

Don't forget to tell the littlest and the biggest we say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to them too. They'll have to eat a pinch extra fruit salad with yummy little marshmallows for us because we aren't having any here. In fact, if we don't keep an extra eye on Buster we might not be having any turkey either! Do you think he's sent a note to Nala to do the same? Remember the time she stole the whole pizza right off the counter? Wow, I'm never EVER going to forget that one!

Oh, and the boys took me seriously on the whole candlelight aspect. We now have 5 glass jars decorated in golden tissue paper complete with tea lights inside of them. The table is now covered in glue, and there's tissue paper all over the floor, but I'm looking at the bright side. I'm so thankful I can get away without providing my guests with cutlery!

All our love again,
Lawrence, Kendra, Morgan, & Jayden (Buster & Cookie are still refusing to sign under protest!)

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