Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pizza Party

Our boys participate in the annual Five In A Row ornament exchange. This isn't something that FIAR set up, but rather fellow homeschoolers who use FIAR set up. Each year our names go in a pool and one brave women sorts us all out and we each receive an email telling us who to mail our ornaments to and when to have them in the mail. Last year the boys each made something different as they couldn't choose one book they both wanted to do. This year, I only signed our family up once so they had no choice but to come up with something they both wanted. This isn't an easy feat when the hardest part for them is just choosing one book. So this year I gave them inspiration. I suggested books and something we could do to go with the book. I kept getting negative answers, and then I mentioned Little Nino's...

We had ourselves a fun little pizza party with foam and glue sticks. When we were all done we sat there looking at our pizzas topped with all our favorites and then the boys said, "Mom, I'm hungry.." They were only slightly disappointed pizza wasn't on the menu for dinner..


Michele said...

Fantastic!!! I can't wait for pizza delivery! (hee hee)

Jeanette said...

Those look awesome.
BTW, my husband lived in Melbourne for a brief time. Lucky for him I have been able to keep him supplied with Tim Tams, real Cadbury chocolate and pavlova since we've been married. (There is an international grocer not far from us.) :-)