Monday, November 9, 2009

Mystery Solved

Last Thursday we started hearing a scratching in the wall, you know the sound you dread and you think may that squeaky little mouse never show it's scary little face while I'm awake! Only, there was squawking in the wall too, and we began to wonder if the blackbirds who constantly nest somewhere up on the roof had fallen in. This wouldn't be a first. We had one fall through the chimney once and come out in the rumpus room. Which probably makes no sense but if you saw the chimney in the rumpus room you might understand! By Friday the squawking and squeaking and fluttering was so intense even the dog was taking notice of it. The thing was, both Momma and Daddy bird were sitting on the roof and flying round and round squeaking and squawking too. By Saturday, while the noise had dimmed a bit and we'd been unable to lure it out by leaving the cubby door open to the portion of the house the bird was stuck in Mr Scarecrow braved the depths to retrieve said bird.

The boys and I were actually outside on the deck attempting to do haircuts when Mr Scarecrow kept shouting down things to us. First he needed a net, we didn't have one. Then he needed the broom, next some bird seed was called for, a smaller pole, and eventually a scoop. I didn't have a smaller pole so I sent up my dyson retracting pole. Nor did I have some scoop, and at this point I was covered in hair and getting quite sweaty so in total desperation I sent up a roll of tape and an empty cream container. Jayden kept playing messenger and he came running down the stairs at this point shouting (quite loudly I might add) "Everyone be quite and get out of the way quickly!" Thankfully I wasn't mid-snip, and as I turned around and saw Mr Scarecrow coming down the steps with a baby black bird perched on the end of my straw broom I picked Morgan up of the stool and ran off the deck with him.

You see, Morgan has a morbid fear of birds ever since the Momma bird fell through the chimney and attempted to tangle itself in my hair, so I knew if he turned around and saw a bird next to himself he'd panic. Yes, that's the baby bird sitting on my broom! However, he took to this little one so quickly we had to warn him several times not to touch it. This little fellow was so very grateful at being freed he sat right next to all three of the guys as they took his photo, offered him seed, and left a bowl of water for him. Funnily enough the bird seed attracted ants and the bird ate the ants instead of the seed. We had great fun watching him hop around as he called out for his parents, who'd answer him back but only swoop overhead as we stood by watching. When the guys all got up to walk away that funny little bird followed them! It was so very cute we tried to get it on video, but the battery was flat. We finally came inside for a bit so the parents could calm down, all though we had our doubts that this little fellow could fly.

Can you see him sitting up near the fence? His parents often sit up there while they watch us and wait until they think we're not looking before they snitch a bit of seed from the bird feeder we have hanging in that area. They were sitting in a tree on the other side of that fence and so the little one hopped over and fluttered up where he called out to his parents who were very riled up and squawking like crazy. In the end while we were double checking that our dog was inside the happy family made it back to the roof. We were quite surprised because we really didn't think that little bird could fly, but I suppose there's no time like the present to learn!


Spesamor Academy said...

Just think of the stories that bird will tell his grandchildren!

Diane said...

What a sweet story.

kathleen said...

such a darling story . . . loved it! :)