Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr Whiskers

While schooling today we read about Mr Whiskers, a loveable character from the Cranberry books put out by the Devlins. I was reading Cranberry Thanksgiving to the boys while they colored some paper pilgrim puppets we were making. Once the book was over and the boys had finished their coloring Jayden asked Morgan what he'd name his boy pilgrim. The conversation that followed was quite interesting:

"I'm thinking Mr Whiskers!"
"Oh, what are whiskers anyway?"
"You know, hair on your face."
"Okay, so why don't you call the girl Mr Whiskers then?"
"Uh, she's not gonna get whiskers Jayden."
"She will when she's bigger!"
"No she won't, Mom doesn't have any whiskers and she's not getting any soon."
"Morgan, you're wrong. Girls will get whiskers when they get bigger it's how it works."

"No, Uncle Damien told me that only special girls get whiskers. Like Angela. She's a very special girl, she got to have a whole beard. I know, he showed me the picture on his ipod!"

I have no idea what happened after that because I left the room to avoid laughing. For the record Special Angela only has a beard when she's dressing up. Morgan just doesn't realize that, and I'm afraid when he sees her next he's probably gonna ask where her beautiful whiskers went..


Kylie said...

LOL hahahaha kids!!!

Elysa said...

Love it! We'll be reading CRANBERRY THANKSGIVING today and then making cranberry bread. You think Mr. Whiskers might show up?

BTW, I've started a fb fan page for Mr. Whiskers. If you're on fb, come show him some lovin' and join in! ;D