Monday, November 30, 2009

Homemade Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, and the boys couldn’t be more excited. They were ever so eager to put up our Jesse Tree and to hang up the reindeer. They’re finding it so hard to wait to open up the first reindeer and see what fun is waiting inside for them. Their excitement is quite contagious, and I’m finding myself eagerly awaiting their bedtime so I can secretly fill up the

Christmas Craft Bags that will also be awaiting them this December.

We’re also having a homemade Christmas. Which means that all, or at least most, of our gift giving this year will be homemade. I wasn’t going to share all the goodies we’ll be making because I know that some of our family keeps up with us here, but I just won’t say what item is for whom and keep them all guessing.

Square Pincushions -- there will be a few recipents for these nifty gifts, and I think I might make one for myself too. Is that a tad greedy? The boys will enjoy picking out the material, ribbon, and buttons and helping stuff them. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to let them use my new machine, but they can help with the hand sewing.

Sewing Machine Pincushion -- there will also be a few multiple recipients for this little project as well. How clever is this entire idea? Again, the boys will be able to help with picking out materials and stuffing. Morgan will probably be able to sew them closed as well.

Head Bands -- the link there is for the pattern, and we’ll be using a mishmash of instructions. We have several recipients for these as well. There are so many simple and complex patterns for hairbands, but I really liked this one and felt that it was best suited for our recipients. Hopefully the boys won’t be dead set on the grandma’s needing these.

Harry Potter Robe -- I think I’m pretty safe saying this is for my kids. Remember the Harry Potter unit study we did? (Lesson plans coming!) Morgan still remembers it and has asked a few times if he thought we could find a costume in his size. I’ve had little luck, and when i found this free pattern.. I’m also pretty sure if I sewed it in brown (no lining) I could pull it off as a Jedi Robe too.

Boys Tie -- the Harry Potter costume wouldn’t be complete without a tie right? School uniforms and all that. So rather then spend a fortune buying one I’ll make one.

Bow Tie -- Jayden has taken a huge liking to Bill Nye. I purchased a couple of the videos and each time Jayden watches them he begs for a bowtie. Sadly I can only offer him regular ties and it never appeases him much. So a bow tie it is. If he’s REALLY lucky I’ll be able to find a white shirt that I can turn into a labcoat. He’s also holding out for a Gentleman’s suit. To understand that one you’d have to know that he’s head over heels in love with Teddy Roosevelt and Praiseworthy (the butler in By The Great Horn Spoon.)

Piano Bag -- I saw this bag earlier this year and knew exactly who was getting that for Christmas. Now I’m just hoping I can make it without too many issues. Funny thing is, I saw a guitar bag too and was highly tempted to make it, but the recipient I had in mind might not have been as grateful..

Doll Quilt Kit -- we have a couple of people in mind for this, and were hoping they will all enjoy it. Of course they don’t have to make a doll quilt out of it, they could easily make a throw pillow or something, couldn’t they?

Teddy Bear Kits -- this is one I’m making for the boys as well as a couple of other little boys who shall remain unknown for now. I thought that it would be a great way for Morgan to continue practicing some of those hand sewing skills. With patience I think Jayden will be okay with it too. They really love stuffed animals so I suspect they’ll really enjoy doing this during the summer.

Five Stones -- this is a game similar to Jacks and I thought a couple of older nephews might have fun with it. We will make them each their own set and then print out the instructions to go with them. We even have some stone material on hand. Here’s hoping they enjoy it!

Magnet or Ribbon Board -- we’ll probably go with the ribbon board because aside from the frame we’d have everything on hand to make this and it would be the most simplistic for the kids to help with. I gotta say though, I really love that magnet board!

We have a few more ideas up our sleeves too, but I think they’ll be better shared with pictures. So you’ll have to wait until we put them together! Stay tuned for lots of pictures of the crafting fun around here this month.

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