Sunday, November 29, 2009

Corn Painting

I had this weird idea that corn painting would be fun. We had a couple ears of corn in the fridge that needed using up, and consuming them seemed like a bad idea. After all, the corn was looking dried out and the ends had turned funky colors. So I thought that letting the kids paint with them might be fun and that the end results would be cute to hang up for our Thanksgiving party. So I ended up printing out a corn cob pattern onto cardstock. I was able to fit two corn patterns on each piece of card stock and the kids each got two of those sheets to paint.

Because a normal paint pot wouldn't work I plopped paint on waxed paper for them to roll their cobs through. This worked well, but as soon as a drop of paint touched Jayden he freaked out. Don't ask, I don't know. This is the same kid who plays in the mud and drops his food on the ground and still eats it. Paint on his hands freaked him out. This is the same kid who once spilled a bit of ketchup on his fingers and screamed for five minutes because he was convinced it was blood. I had to actually lick him (yes, I licked my kid) in order to prove it wasn't blood and get him to stop screaming. You know what he said when it was over? "Gotcha didn't I Mom?" Jayden rolled his corn cob and also dipped it and he had some really cool looking prints on his paper, then his brother opted to give him more color and kinda smeared it up.

See the cool corn prints on the paper? That's what all the corns looked like. Then when I took an annoyed Jayden into the bathroom to wash the forbidden paint off his hands we came back to lots of purple corns. Morgan felt that we needed more purple. The end product is still cute, but for some reason I'm lacking a photo of it. I'll have to see if I can capture one with our Give Thanks banner. I ended up cutting them corn cobs out and we've strung them across a window in our dinning room.

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