Sunday, November 22, 2009

Changes and Happenings

There's been a lot of changes happening around here, but I don't know that they've been very noticeable. Mr Scarecrow gifted me with my own web page, but don't panic the blog isn't moving! You can still get here with the same address you've always been getting here with, but as it loads you may notice that the address changes. Still no need to panic, it's still the same cozy pumpkin patch! It just means that all our printables and recipes will be a bit easier to locate. Plus we have another fun surprise coming up in the distant future, and we'll tell you more about it when it's closer to happening. In the mean time you can find quick links for the recipes and printables by going here. Yes, the recipe button at the top of the blog will still work, it'll just take you to the new index. The home button on the blog now takes you to the homepage of the main website, and the blog button will take you to the start of the blog.

Don't panic, all the fun stuff, pictures, and goodies will still be posted on the blog. Recipes and Printables will still be blogged about when they are posted. The new website is just a way to organize all the things that we keep posting to share with everyone!

This also means that all the pdfs have been moved over to the new website. If you have an old one bookmarked it will still work for now, but may be changing in the near future. This would include the Five In A Row planning charts in the lefthand sidebar. If there's a download you can no longer find please let us know because we might have missed it in the move.

Lastly, the Planning Pages have all been cleaned up. I've also added a shopping list to them as well, and it can be downloaded here. Any questions? Feel free to ask away!

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