Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busy Working

When Mr Scarecrow "left" the office for lunch on Tuesday he returned to find someone else busily working away. As it turns out Jayden has collected the mail and discovered the K-mart ad which had Star Wars toys in it. So he decided to kick back and wait until Mr Scarecrow returned to work so he could pester him about a purchase.. or three. (And for the record, Mr Scarecrow likes his desk like that, and the office if a forbidden zone for me to clean..)


carriejoy said...

ok, the desk comment is funny - here I htought it WAS clean already! Eek! That tells you a bit about MY standards!

Kendra said...

Oh Carrie, that is so not clean in my book! Clean for my husband though. He actually cleaned it up this weekend. I should take a photo cause it probably won't happen again for another 12 months. ;)