Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Addition & Subtraction Games

I recently purchased the book Math Games To Master Basic Skills Addition & Subtraction. I liked the idea of mixing in a few more fun and simple games that would work on the kids addition and subtraction skills. They fully get the concept and now it's a matter of practice in order to work on speed. Their confidence has really grown lately too because I don't see as much finger counting around here as I use to. This past week we played several of the games in the book and the kids really enjoyed them. They also learned a few new skills. For instance, we've discussed place value before, but not in huge depths. The Place Value Game is so much fun and we love playing it and the boys caught on really quickly how to turn the single digit numbers into something with more value. So I was pretty excited to see Spin-O in the book of games and I printed it out to play last week.

The idea of Spin-O is that you spin the Ten's spinner first. Then you spin the Ones spinner. After which you combine the two numbers together to see what you have. If you spin 5 Tens and 6 ones then you have number 56. You'd put a marker on 56. The idea is that you play until one person gets 4 in a row. This can take quite a while so sometimes we simply play for a time limit and see who has the most consecutive numbers. Playing this way was a great review for Morgan, and one he picked up on quickly. Jayden however, found himself in new territory.

To help him understand the concept I gave the boys each a couple of handfuls of the linking cubes. I told them to put them in groups of ten. Whatever they had leftover was suppose to stay in it's own pile. They did this. One pile ended up with 29 (see above), the other pile had 34. He was able to seen in a hands on way what a group of ten was and how he could count groups of tens easily and then pick up the rest by counting them by ones. For review purposes in their math journals I wrote: How many: Tens ________ Ones __________ 56

We also played a game dubbed Diamond Tens. This is similar to our Ten's Concentration, but played more in a domino fashion. Each domino can only be hooked on if the sum equals 10 (or whatever numbers you've chosen at the start of the game). The boys loved this idea and thought it was great. Have I mentioned that one of their all time favorites is Ten's Concentration? Morgan put on that nifty domino that managed to hook up on three sides, he was quite proud of that feat!

The fun thing about this game was that it gave us variations on how to play including using real dominos which we may do one day to shake it up a bit. The book is chock full of games that we'll be playing as Jayden continues to learn his addition families, and the practice the rest of us gets doesn't hurt anything either. Morgan, however, has progressed to triple or more addition. You should have seen the look on his face when introduced with them the first time. Pure horror. "Mom, I can't do this. I don't know what 346 numbers after 643 are!" Once he realized he only had to work with two numbers at once he flew through them.


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I am so glad that I've found your blog. What a resource! I have shamelessly copied many of your ideas and my little Dylan loves it!

Where did you get the cards for the Diamond Tens?

Kendra said...

I'm so glad it's helpful! :D The cards for Diamond Ten come from the books Math Games To Master Basic Skills. I picked mine up from Currclick, and if you hang out you may find it on sale this weekend with the Black Friday sale. I can't say for sure, but perhaps? :)