Friday, November 13, 2009

Addition Facts

One of the math games we use every day around here is Joey-Joey. I like to keep one math family at a time in the jug and then after we've learned a few math families well we'll have a review period where we mix them all up. The thing is, the kids know their math facts a lot better thanks to this silly little game. However, I like to give the kids clues on how to find answers to math facts rather then just drilling them to death over what an answer is. I also wanted to work on odds & evens with Jayden because it's not something we covered too in-depth. Thankfully, despite the fact that I forgot math manipulative rule #1 when I tried to hold a math lesson with Indians, he at least remembered the information taught. (Oh, and for the record, rule #1 is always let them play with the manipulative first if they've never had a chance to use it before..)

We've been working on our +2 family this week, and I wanted to help the boys find a pattern to quickly answering the problems. So before explaining the "secret pattern" to answering the +2 family I wrote the problems on our white board like this. Then I told them we were going to answer each problem and then we'd notice a pattern to help us.

I specifically used a different marker color for answering the problems on the left hand side of the board vs the right hand. Once all our answers were written down we then looked at those numbers and decided if they were odds or evens. They had no problems remember which numbers were odd and which ones were even, all though we did demonstrate how 11 was odd with a few linking cubes.. Once the kids realized that each side had all evens or all odds we labeled the top of the board. Then, we discussed quick ways to find the answers, which drew upon their ability to count by 2's and their ability to count the odd numbers from 1 upward. So we circled the addend and then discussed what the next closest odd/even number would be.

Then I gave the kids their hundreds charts which they'd started coloring odds and evens on last week. They were able to use the hundreds chart if needed to work on their math sheet. After we play Joey-Joey, especially after the kids know their facts I usually print a math sheet off from The Math Work Sheet Site. While we don't do a lot of math sheets, the kids enjoy these and they love trying to beat their best times.

This little number line is a "cheat sheet", but it works like a game. To be sure Jayden is understanding the concept of adding I gave him the number line and game piece. I called a number, 2 (see top picture), and then I had him add 1 (see bottom picture). Where his playing piece lands is going to be his answer. Funnily enough, when he was given a larger problem like 2+9 he said how he wished it had been 9+2 instead. It was a great opportunity to point out that 2+9 and 9+2 are going to have the exact same answer! This number line was also a great way for me to remind them both that they were looking for the next odd or next even number too..

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