Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sum Math Game

That card book I checked out of the library had another fun game in it, one that challenged the boys a bit more then the clock game did. This one is called Sum. The object of the game is to have the most cards at the end of the game, but that doesn't always make you the winner. Cards are giving a point value as well, but you'll get an extra bonus if you have the most cards at the end of this game. This game was a little tricky at first, but the boys quickly caught on. It was also good practice on addition without ever knowing what digits you'll be adding up. This keeps you on your toes. For little ones it tends to be more of a number recognition, but that's okay too. Because this is a two player game, the first couple of times we played it we teamed up with the boys to help them understand how to play. Again, all you need is a deck of cards with the jokers removed. Shuffle your cards.

Deal 11 cards to each player then lay 6 cards face up in the middle of the play area:

The player who did not deal out the cards goes first. Let's say that player #2 is up first and happens to hold a 10 in his hand. He can then match his 10 with: 10, 5+5; 7+3.He picks up all those cards and sets them off to the side. A player can match with a direct number or with a group of numbers that equal a card he is holding. A player can take as many cards as they can match at one time:

Play continues this way until all the cards played on the table are used up or no one is able to go. Then the dealer deals out the remaining cards as they did at the beginning of the game (6 on the table; 11 to each player) and the game continues until once again all cards are used up or no one is able to make a move. Then each player tallies up his or her own points. It may be easier to have a bit of paper on hand for this part. Points are awarded as follows:

1 point for each numbered card (2-10); 2 points for face cards (J, Q, K, Aces); 5 points for every 7 points you win; Person with the most cards gets a bonus of 10 points. Tally up the points and the person with the most points is the official winner. Play your cards wisely to gain more face cards, they're worth more. Use more cards to equal a number on the playing field, more cards equal that 10 point bonus!


Tristan said...

Kendra - just wanted to pop in here to let oyu know I enjoy reading your blog. I gave you a blog award today you can read about here:

Kendra said...

Thanks Tristan :) That was very sweet of you.

Kelly R said...

This may be a "duh" question....but what do you do with the A, J, K and Q cards? Do they have a numeric value?

Kendra said...

Kelly, Aces are 1's, Jacks are 11, Queens are 12's. I guess I should have said that. Normally in a deck of "math cards" you'd remove the face cards, but in this particular game you use them too! :D