Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Tent

I tend to visit a lot of craft blogs quite often. When I find a craft that strikes my fancy I bookmark it away for later use. In fact, my pile of crafts "to do" is getting so large that at the rate I'm going I may have to employ people in order to accomplish them! A few months ago while visiting a craft blog, I saw a link for a quick & simple tent craft. My intention had been to whip it up and surprise the boys with it when we finally saw rain again, you know, like this summer -- hopefully. Last year they spent many hours propping blankets over clothes lines on the deck to build tents and play in them. So I knew that this would be something that they'd use quite a bit. I decided to make it up for them to take on our camping trip, and it kept many people busy. Those playing in it, and those setting it up..

I ended up using an old sheet too and simply used wide webbing on each corner and then one on each side of the middle to it could be propped up. I didn't measure anything. I simply folded my sheet in half and pinned the webbing in place. I'd say each piece of webbing was about 6-8 inches long which I then folded in half.

We had three (I don't know why we only had three) tent stakes holding three corners down, and a rock holding the fourth The ground was pretty tough in that area so we used some of the loose soil and rocks to prop the front end up. Once we moved it to another spot the ground was a tad better.

This thing took like 30 minutes or less to make. Very simplistic. The kids weren't the only one who enjoyed it either. When I brought it home to pop in the washer I noticed dog prints, possum prints, and a few possible wallaby prints upon the thing. I dunno what was going on while we were sleeping, but I'm suspecting the possums and wallabies were debating who was gonna sleep in the tent!

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