Monday, October 12, 2009


School plans are something that I seem to find myself constantly working on. The Unit study planning pages in my planner are always being jotted on, added too, erased, and refined. It’s probably an obsession at this point, but most of those plans are put into action somewhere down the line. Of course having a few ideas for unit studies going at once not only keeps me on my toes but allows me to know what we’ll be learning next. It can be a blessing and a curse at times.

The idea was to do a gold rush unit meshing the Australian gold rush with the American gold rush. However, we also decided a pioneer unit would be awfully fun too and then we debated the normality of doing one before the other to keep things chronologically correct.

In short we decided to work on the Pioneer study first, and I’m really excited about it. The idea is to kick off the Pioneer studies by rowing the book Three Names. We'll also make a lapbook or notebook for this as well as some of the resources below.

Originally I was also going to build some unit studies based on the Little House books. I remember some fond memories of reading those books when I was younger, and while the books are mainly about little girls I think the stories and adventures are ones the boys will truly enjoy. We’ll also be doing the free lapbook over at homeschoolshare to go along with out Little House readings. We’ll also be using one of the Little House cookbooks too.

While we don’t own any of the Little House craft books, we do own Pioneer Days. Which is loaded with little stories, crafts, recipes, and games. All of which are based on the Pioneer time frame. The boys and I were peeking through it while we were camping this past week and I pointed out all the super fun things that we’d get to try out including making their own soda pop. Quite an interesting little recipe that one is! We’ll also use History Scribe’s Pioneer pages over the course of several unit studies, including this one!

We’ll also delve into Indians a bit with the Evan-Moor’s Native American History Pockets. We really enjoy the various pocket “kits” that Evan-Moor offers and have finished several and have others that we add to as we study various elements that would apply to them. We also have History Scribe’s North American Indians notebooking papers which we may use some of as well.

To wrap up our study we’ll be enjoying The Little House On The Prairie dvd put out by Disney. Don’t mock it too much if you haven’t seen it, it’s quite true to the book compared to the tv show which was quite interesting. We actually rented it a few years ago and the buys were glued to it despite it’s length. Wolves, Indians, adventure around every corner, and covered wagons. What’s not to like?

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