Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paper Toys

A few Saturdays ago we printed out a bunch of these cute little paper toys from the Toy A Day Blog. The creator, Joe, has made 116 of them to date and is offering all of them up for grabs as free downloads. He's even shared the templates he's used so people can make their own, very cool. I printed a bunch out late Friday night and then put them on the table so we could work on them while we ate our waffles. They go together really quickly, all though I'm not as fond of the template that didn't require glue/tape, and found that I had to tape it anyway. My very favorites that we printed out thus far would have to be Russell and Mr Fredricksen. I really enjoyed this film, Up, but the paper toys capture the characters very well. The boys thought they were pretty good as well, all though I think they were hoping for the exotic bird from the movie too.

This household is all about StarWars right now. Or at least two little people who live in this house are all about it. One of the big people in this house has to spend all her time telling them which character is which and so on while the other big person in this house sits there with his mouth hanging open. Yeah, it's kinda embarrassing that I know that much about StarWars, because I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the movies. Anyway, they were highly delighted that I put these characters together for them, and we also made an R2D2 which didn't make it into the picture. We missed Chewie because there's no link for him, which is a total shame. He has to be one of my favorites as well as Han, you know.. if I was picking one from a movie I don't really care for..

We printed these fellows from Where The Wild Things Are. Mind you, my kids don't know it's a movie, they just know it's a book. I've no idea where our copy is, so they'll probably hound the library for it.

A few more favorite characters we made. The boys are all over Astro Boy, but they've only seen the older tv shows. They are quite eager to go see the newer movie, we shall see.. Indiana Jones is always high on their list, but he's taken a smaller backseat to Starwars since they haven't been able to see his films yet. As for "The Cat", what more is there to say?


Tristan said...

These look like fun. How hard are they? I may be passing this project on to daddy...LOL.

Kendra said...

They were all easy, except R2D2, who didn't make the photos. He was a tad frustrating and time consuming. The rest were really easy. :)

Kylie said...

wya cool. I'm off to print some out to take away with us. They will be a nice quiet activiity to do whilst bubby is sleeping and it is too hot for the beach, thanks. :)