Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Lewis & Clark

While setting up our workboxes this week I pulled out a few more resources for our Lewis & Clark study. We like to keep a large timeline hanging up for the kids to hang major dates and such on, but with this study there's lots of little dates that also have significant meaning so we're using these blank timeline papers to keep track of the smaller things. They'll fit nicely into their notebooks too. Guest Hollow also has an entire lesson planned out as part of their history section. We won't be using the lessons, but I thought I'd share them incase anyone else was interested in them.

Scholastic also has a variety of things for students and teachers. I especially like the specimen box idea, the printable labels will go well with the nature journals they'll make this week. Education Place has some nifty maps, which the boys will love putting in their notebooks.

One of the math lessons this week was to put prices to each of the items that Lewis purchased for the expedition. PBS has quite the detailed list of things purchased which will be very handy for this lesson! One of the booklets in the lapbooks previously posted would be great too.

While searching for a nice picture of Seaman I stumbled upon a blog where the family had done a Lewis & Clark study. She mentioned some historical trunks one can rent based on various times in history. They sound very cool! I'd love to be able to rent a few myself, but I suspect Im a tad outside their area. I also really loved this Lewis & Clark toy too, all though I suspect my kids would prefer the Lewis & Clark lego men I've seen floating around.

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