Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jesus & Chips..

We recently started the New Testament Overview Bible study with the boys. It's a great program that uses drawing & memorisation to teach key points/times/people of the Bible. We've covered much of the old testament, but not as much of the new as we should. Add that to some questions that they have been asking and I was on the hunt for a good NT Bible program. It's not as easy as it sounds and I was about to have to piece something together when I saw the review(s) for the Bible studies put out by Grapevine publishing. (You can read one here by Michele, and one here by Tristan.) It reminded me that we had the Christmas Bible study and we'd never used it because I couldn't make heads or tales of it. Michele's review turned the lightbulb on for me. Anyway, we've finally begun using it. Morgan is completely over the moon excited that he's going to learn all about God and get to draw all at the same time. Jayden was much more hesitant because he's not keen on drawing as he finds his pictures inadequate compared to his brother's much more complex drawings. When I told Jayden that the drawings were simple, so simple that even I could do it he was pretty convinced he could do it. So we began..

I drew stick figure pictures on the white board and explained what each picture meant. I told them it was perfectly fine if they didn't know much about one of the pictures because we'd be studying it all this year. Which led to a math question, "How long's a year Mom?" "It's 365 days Jayden." "What? I have to draw for 365 days? Mom! You said this was easy." "No, you don't draw that long. We'll just use it a little bit each day for a while." "Oh." Peace and quite reigned until Morgan uttered, "Mom, I can't see what you're doing." "Move to the other chair, and wait patiently. You can draw after I explain what I'm doing." "Okay, but I like my chair better."

So I pointed to the board and explained the first stick figure was Adam because the Bible starts with him. The boys nodded with unisons of, "We know about him." I had to cut them off before they went into detailed version of the events in the Garden of Eden. So I pointed to my next figure and said that it was Noah. Ahh yes, they knew him too. Then came Abraham, followed by David, followed by captivity, and lastly came Jesus.

Everyone was happily drawing away when Jayden shouts out, "Mom look at David!" I peek at his paper. David is drawn where the captivity should be, and he's the size of Goliath. I smile and say, "Yikes, that's big." I drew an arrow to the proper place and circle the word Babylon for the captivity. We keep working and that's when Morgan says it.. He smiles sweetly, and says, "Everyone come look at my paper!"

Did he draw stick figures? No. Of course not. Morgan drew intricate figures complete with hair, colored robes, and stuff. Not just any stuff either. Adam has an apple. Abraham has a newspaper to read. David has a slingshot, "just in case". Noah was given a hot drink because it was probably cold on the ark with all that rain. Jesus.. Oh Jesus was given the best, and why not? Aren't we suppose to give our best to Him? Jesus was given a nice smoothie and a packet of hot chips (french fries).

I'm sitting there with a smile plastered on my face that probably screamed "fake", and Morgan is beaming with pride. "Isn't it great?" "Um, yeah. I guess it is." "What? Was the newspaper too much? I was a little worried about that, but I figured he might want to know what was going on!" Yeah, it was the newspaper because after all there's nothing unusual about Jesus drinking smoothies and eating french fries, right?

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Tristan said...

Too funny! It is a fun program and always interesting to see just what the kids will add to a drawing...LOL.