Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Interesting Thought..

This week I've had a bit of extra time to catch up on some well needed reading while I've been sitting with a heating pad on my back. This particular book, Everyday Talk, has been in my read pile for far too long. I've only read it snippets here and there in my very few spare minutes. The idea behind the book is to use our everyday conversations and actions to speak of good things, more importantly godly things. Okay, so that sounds simple enough, but somehow in the heat of the moment when everyone's screaming and yelling because they've all been wronged I tend to forget I'm suppose to be the level headed calm one who can help them get the situation resolved without having to scream and fight. Then I read an interesting statement in the book, "Ordinary Parenting of Holy Parenting." The sentence is taken out of context, but here's the gist of it.. The author was speaking of Moses leading his people into the promise land. Specifically the moment where the people started to complain about their lack of water.

Moses and Aaron sought God's help, but when they returned to the children of Israel they didn't use God's power to glorify him. Rather Moses shouted at the Israelites and made it seem as though he was able to fetch that water because they complained. We know his consequences for it, right? The author pointed out that this was ordinary parenting. It was typical ordinary behaviour that most of us tend to demonstrate quite regularly.. You know, like when your kids put away the dishes and you can't find anything because they opened up all the cupboards and drawers and threw them in pell-mell and they were lucky if they even threw them in the right drawers/cupboards...

Then he pointed out how Moses pled for the life of the Israelites after God had it with them. He didn't plead for their lives because he was worried about the people but because he was worried about the honor of his God. This was holy parenting, worrying about God and not oneself. Putting God first and dealing with opinion on the matter is what the author refers to as Holy Parenting. Okay, so weird as it sounds it kinda threw things in perspective for me.

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Edwena said...

Thanks for sharing, Kendra. It was an encouragment.