Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There's nothing quite like returning home from camping, is there? We've spent the last 5 days camping and enjoying every single drop of sunshine and fresh air we could. In fact, I'm now sporting an unusual tan due to the constant use of sunglasses. Sorry, no pictures I'm a tad to vain I guess.. The boys loved every minute of it, okay so maybe not that minutes when we were deleeching them and there was much screaming and tears and salt and then great pops when the leeches were chucked into the fire, but the rest they raved about. There feet may never be pink again, the smell of camp fire may never completely part ways with our clothing and hair, and I'm pretty sure sticky marshmallow is forever encrusted upon our clothes, but the memories of such things are far too great to care.

We had amazing weather, for which we are extremely grateful even though it's looking like rain for the rest of the week ahead. We saw the most amazing Australian robin and debated it's name before deciding it was most certainly a flame robin. His striking red chest was just downright breath taking. Mind you, I still think Australian robins fit into the sparrow category as they are small and dainty with strikingly vivid marks. All the same.. I had great fun watching the Blue Fairy Wren hop along as if he hadn't a care in the world before trying to snitch a bit of dog food, and his funny little mate which I kept mistaking for a sparrow seemed to be in on the game.

We had a visit from a very brave Mamma possum too. Her tummy was so very big and we could see her pouch moving as she stared at us and our overly nosey camera. (Pictures to come...) She too enjoyed the dog food, and at this point I'm still wondering if the dog ate any of it considering he was busy chomping on watermelon and sausage rolls.

We hiked a new trail to the top and bottom of the water falls this year, and the boys were delighted when they were told we could each have a few sips of the icy water. They were equally delighted to be told they could play on the rocks and in the shallow water, and quite shocked when they realized just how cold that water really was too!

So much fun and, despite the tummy aches, they are still talking about it and wondering how long until we return again. Lots of photos too, so you'll have to wait for those until they've all been sorted out. Lots of laundry dirtied, school plans sorted, brains refreshed, feet dirtied, and new family stories made.. It's been dubbed the best family camp yet, and we can't wait for next year!

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Michele said...

Sounds like a fun time!