Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing Beards...


Morgan has been quite concerned about facial hair for some time now. He'll sit and stare at Daddy over breakfast and comment how Daddy has a beard growing. He's quite concerned about growing a beard himself. This weekend with the lack of shaving Morgan was quite distraught that each man had "beard spots". This freaked him out, a lot. Morgan's fear with facial hair isn't the beard itself, in fact he use to want Daddy to grow a beard because he thought it was would be so cool. However, that's not the case anymore. While we stood scanning the sky for Uncle Damien's plane to arrive Morgan says, "I don't want a beard!" His voice was quite distraught while saying it. Uncle Damien, poor fellow, completely unaware of Morgan's irrational fear says, "Why not?" Morgan takes one look at Daddy a quick look at Uncle Damien and practically shouts, "Because I don't want beard spots! I want my face to stay just like it is now. I want to be me forever!"

After the giggles quieted down it was explained that Morgan will forever and always be Morgan, and he can shave off his beard anytime he wants. Mind you, it's still up in the air as to who's buying the razor on that special occasion. We're also betting that in a few years Morgan will outgrow this funny little fear. Oh, and incase you haven't guessed all ready, he's quite beardless still. I just doctored his photo to show him how he'd look with a beard. All though between you and me, I think Jayden has more to worry about then Morgan. After all Jayden was the fuzzy peach when he was born, where as Morgan stayed bald and hairless for many, many months..


SC said...

My oldest has this same issue. he wants no body hair and insists he will shave it all off once it comes in. kids!

Nichole said...

My daughter told me last week that she wanted a beard like Daddy's. She was very upset to learn that wouldn't be happening. (At least, I hope it won't!)