Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clocks Math Game

A few weeks ago I checked a book out of the library called Card Games For Kids. The idea was just to look for a few new ones to teach the boys for all the rainy evenings we'd been experiencing. However, I discovered a couple of fun card games that would work well as math lessons as well. The first one was quite simplistic, and reiterated the placement of numbers on a clock. Nothing major at all, but the kids love playing the game. It goes by many names as well, but they prefer to call it Clocks. The idea of the game is to get all the numbers of a clock face put where they belong before uncovering all 4 kings. All you need to play this game is a typical deck of cards minus the two jokers. You'll need to pretend your aces are the ones, jacks are elevens, and queens are twelve. The book suggested keeping a real clock nearby for little ones, but neither of the boys really seemed to need that extra help. Then again, we've been working with clocks for quite some time.

Shuffle the deck of cards and then you'll need to start spreading them out like a clock face, my boys like to do this themselves so I taught them to put the 12, 3, 6, and 9 down first.

Next I have them fill in the missing numbers by reminding them they need 2 cards on each side of the cards that are down; you also need one card in the center where the hands of a clock would be:

Now, finish dealing out the card by going around in a circle. You should place a total of 4 cards in each spot and have one left over which you will place face up next to the card in the center of the clock:

Now all the numbers will go in the same place you'd see them on a clock. Which means you pick up the card that was turned face up. You'd place it either next to the 1 pile or on the bottom and you then flip over a card from the one position:

Then you'll take the card you've now flipped over and move it the proper space on the clock face it belongs in. In this instance it's a 3 and you'll place it next to the 3's and pick up a card from that pile:

Now you need to flip a card over from that pile and place it where it goes, in this case you've uncovered a King and need to put it in the center and flip over a center card:

Play continues in this manner until all the cards are where they belong or until all four kings have been uncovered. All though my gang likes to keep going despite the kings being found. Now if you happen to pull up the last of a number, let's say a six, you'll need to pick up a card from the next highest numbers pile. You also need to pay attention that each card is put down where it be longs, you can't take a card back if you put it in the wrong pile and have all ready drawn a fresh card. This game gets lots of play around here, and the boys are pretty impressed with themselves that they can even set it up all on their own. I think it's a great little game for teaching numbers on a clock face!


Morgan said...

Sounds fun! What was the title of the book if you don't mind sharing?

Kendra said...

Hi Morgan, we were out of town camping so I'm just seeing the comment. The book was called Card Games For Kids. I think I linked to it in the blog post about Sum. ;) Which means you've probably all ready gotten the answer by now. :)