Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Lists

This StarWars craze isn't passing anytime soon. The boys caught hold of a toy ad that showed up here recently and started going crazy about all the StarWars stuff inside of it. Jayden's list was very simple; StarWars guns. Morgan's list was much more complicated and in depth. So much so that he couldn't make up his mind what should be on his list, and worse then that he couldn't decide what to save up his monies for. Man, StarWars stuff is expensive here, is it expensive where you live? On special we're talking $60 a set for the lego, and that's the cheapest one! After three days of Morgan wandering around thinking of nothing more then StarWars I asked him to go make a list of what he wanted. It was stated there was no guarantee he was getting it. Morgan sat at the table the entire time I was making dinner. He wrote and drew, circled, threw some arrows on the paper, flipped it over and kept on going. I was getting extremely worried about the size of his list. Then he gave me the paper. He was worried I wouldn't know what he wanted so he's drawn me pictures of it all. Funniest part? The stuff on his list was what I suspect he wanted.. you know the Millenium Falcon (dubbed "circle ship" on his list), Darth Vader's Fighter, Storm Troopers, Luke, Chewbacca, Han, Yoda, Vader, C3Po, R2D2, and apparently another fellow who's name he's not sure of. I really loved the fact that he wrote, "I don't know hehehe" for that particular character. I suspect Jayden will be asking for Princess "Layer", for some odd reason she's his favorite. So much so that he dragged one poor unsuspecting cousin into a weekend long game of StarWars and she was dubbed, "Princess Layer" the whole time.

With a list this long I might have to go hang out on ebay for a while, but last time I checked even ebay prices for StarWars lego was pretty high...


Spesamor Academy said...

I have an award on my blog for you!

Diane said...

Legos are expensive where ever your live. My daughter loves Star Wars and legos also. Trying to work that out for her for Christmas also.

Michele said...

Oh I wish we lived closer! Our boys would have a blast together. It is Star Wars all the way here!

All Justin wants for Christmas are Star Wars people. I was thinking of getting them Nintendo DS's and no they want Legos!
Justin actually wants the Death Star and the Collectors Mellenium Falcon to a tune of about $1000!!! He told me he is asking Santa for the Death Star....I told him I didn't think Santa could bring it.
I think he will have to settle for the smaller Mellenium falcon for $39!
I love the lists and I love Pricess Layer! TOO CUTE!

Kendra said...

Oh Michele, I feel for you. Morgan hasn't seen the collectors addition of the either ship yet. I'm terrified to let him see them considering they are so stinking expensive! The smaller ones are 60 bucks each here!

I was considering DS for my boys too, but we own one that's dh's so when they mentioned starwars we went for it. Do you sew? I've got a free pattern for a Harry Potter Robe. I'm thinking I'll make those but I'm also thinking I'll make them each one in brown for a jedi robe like Obe.. we found some light sabers for 15 dollars (off brand) to go with them too. I was also very sneaky while grocery shopping and managed to pick up smallish (6 inches or under) stuffed star wars characters for stockings.

Unfortunately I think I'm gonna hear a whole lot more wookie talk around here. Nothing like being greeted in the morning with screams and grunts. lol