Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Applique T-Shirts

The other day the boys decided they wanted to make Star Wars t-shirts using some graphics I found online. I was all for this because the kids could use a few new t-shirts for the summer months ahead and if you've been out clothes shopping for boys lately you'll know there's nothing worthy of buying. While we were in town on Friday, we ran by Best & Less and picked up some t-shirts. As it turned out they had a lot of brightly colored plain t-shirts on special for 50% off the normal price. I ended up picking each of the boys up 3 shirts. I had no plans for the extra shirts, but figured they'd just wear the plain ones as the warmer weather continues to roll in. However, while looking for something on my computer I decided to pop in at Fat Cat Patterns, if you haven't been by their website you really should. Sindy has some really amazing patterns and they are all free! She's created them and posts them for anyone to use. We really love the website and have used several of her patterns with plans for many more.

Sindy had some new animal patterns up over there, including an adorable looking zebra! I was excited by that because we have a HUGE zebra fan in this house. I'd all ready seen the guinea pig patterns some time ago and was going to use that for a project for Morgan and was considering a t-shirt, but when I saw the zebra I jumped.

He was very simple to make, all though his stripes can be a tad time consuming. It was completely worth it. I started it quite late in the evening and finished it up before bed. When Morgan woke up I told him I had something up on the ironing board for him. He was so excited that in despite being half asleep he ran in to get dressed straight away and then proudly showed anyone who'd listen to him his cool new shirt. He also thanked me a million times over for it. The original pattern had white ears, and I made mine black by accident, but I liked them enough not to bother changing them out.

What you do for one you must do for the other! So I decided to make Jayden the simplistic dump truck. He was over the moon excited about it, especially when I added in some rock sin the back. That material has been in my stash waiting to be used for a long while now, and this project was perfect for it. He was so happy with his shirt he was quite disgruntled this morning when I suggest he put it in the washer instead of on his body. Needless to say I'm going to have to whip up some more of these shirts. Best part is, because I sewed the applique on with my machine they really only took a very short time. Jaydens took me about 30 minutes including cutting out, and Morgan's took me an hour or two because I had to sew around all his little stripes.


Kylie said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous!