Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes, there's nothing funnier then sitting back and listening to the kids carry on conversations. Over the past few days I've heard some really funny stuff, and I'm not just talking Morgan's attempts and singing, "Jesus Freak" either! Today we were packing up to go to Nana's house when I told the boys to get in the car. Morgan dashes out the door, and no sooner exits before running back in screaming, "Wait I don't think have any underpants on!" Now I know what you're thinking, but you see in our house odd statements like this barely get a nod or any attention for that matter. So, instead of paying any attention I finished pouring smoothies to hand to people as they darted out the door. However, Daddy, oh silly Daddy, he said, "What? You haven't been wearing underpants all day?" Morgan, always willing to answer replies, "Let me check. Nope, I'm good. These are just so comfy they don't feel like I have anything on at all!" It's hard being the only girl in the house, what can I say?

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! This could easily have been a conversation in my house I'm a mother of 3 boys.