Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Egyptologists

We're still learning away about Ancient Egypt, and doing hands on projects. This week the boys did those Ancient Egypt kits I mentioned a while back. The boys have been eyeing those kits long enough that they were delighted to break into them. First we read about Egyptologists, and then we discussed archeologists in general. This of course struck a cord with them because they are head over heels into Indiana Jones, and they realized he must be an archeologist of sorts. After our little talk they narrated back to me a bit about Egyptologists for their notebooks and then I turned them loose with their sandstone blocks. The idea was to use the shovel (that wooden cricket bat looking thing) and the brush to excavate their treasure.

Morgan was able to do his completely on his own, which was very rewarding for him! He was determined, despite the time it took, to keep right on going with it. All though he was really hoping to keep his Sphinx, which was clearly not an option for him.

Jayden did well, but he tired quickly and had help here and there. Eventually I did the digging and had him do the brushing, which worked really well. He was very excited to start seeing the mummy in his sandblock. In fact, he officially freaked Morgan out by shouting out, "There's a mummy in mine! I can't wait to see his guts!"

All the pieces were located into the bulk of the head of their statue. I was more worried about breaking whatever was in there, which encouraged us to go slowly with our digging and brushing. They decided when it was over that it was indeed a fun experience, but that they don't think they'd want to grow up to be Egyptologist because it was hard work slow work, and they also mentioned that in Egypt it would have been very hot on top of it. That was some good observation on their behalf!

The six little pieces all snapped together (with care) and it came with a little stand (not inside the sandstone) that it stands up on. The boys played for quite sometime with their mummies. All though, since reading how a mummy is made they aren't as fond of mummies as they thought they might be.

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