Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Learning Clock Face

We've officially wrapped up our main time telling lessons for a while, and we've simply been doing review. I may leave instructions in the kids journals for them, or I may print out a silly worksheet for them to tend to, or we play a fun time telling game. Either way, they've retained a good deal of what they know. Which means I can now find them reliable when I ask them to check the time for me, which happens quite often. Mainly because our new stove has no clock upon it. Not so cool when you must stand there and mix something for 2-3 minutes. I mean, really, but I'm getting distracted! The point is, that the boys are pretty good at telling time. Jayden needs no help with whole and half hours whatsoever. Yeah! Morgan doesn't need help to read a clock either, all though it can take him a bit more time to grab the minute number for me as he takes the time to count by fives around the face clock. Because I know he understands HOW to do it, I want to help him DO it quickly. So, I was tossing the idea around for quite some time of his lovely Timex watch. I wanted to put that on my clock, which I tried to do with a few Crayola washables (because I was honestly too lazy to walk down to the kitchen and unearth the sharpies from my secret hiding place..) and needless to say it didn't have the effect I was hoping for. I gave this a great deal of though and decided I would make one on the computer, and I did.

What You Need:
  • Learning clock face template
  • scissors
  • invisible tape (I used scotch)
  • double stick tape or glue (or even modge podge)
  • a clock & possibly a screwdriver to reach the face of said clock

Step 1:
  • Expose the face of your clock, and remove batteries that make clock hands run. Sometimes the plastic pops right off the front, but in this case we had to remove first the legs, then the guts, then the bells, and finally I was able to pull the clock out of it's little shell. Hopefully your clock won't be so difficult.
Step 2:

  • Cut out the Learning Clock Template. You'll need to cut around the dark black outline, or just inside of it if your prefer. Then cut up the dotted line, and around the black circle in the middle.
Step 3:
  • Place your double sided take on exposed clock face; by the 12, 3, 6, & 9 areas. Using the slit in the paper slip it over the clock hands (it's important that your second hand is NOT moving when you do this or you'll pull your hair out.. trust me.) Once the Template is over the hands center as desired, matching the 12's and smooth down. Place a piece of invisible tape over the cut you made.

Step 4:
  • Put your clock back together and hang it up where your children will ooh and ahh over how much easier it is to tell the time. Then, make it a real point to ask them quite often what time it is. Practice makes perfect and all that..


Kylie said...

Oh hey that's very clever, well done. :)

aly in va said...

I'm going to try this. We got down the half past, and 0'clock parts, but everything else is still a challenge. Thanks.

joelle said...

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. I made one for my boys and they really like it. I hope you do not mind me posting about it and linking back to you.

Kendra said...

Joelle, so glad you guys enjoyed! I don't mind it being shared at all :D

Grant said...

Just a dad trying to teach his son how to tell the time saying a very big thank you - just what I was looking for.

Kendra said...

Grant, Hooray! We have them all over our house still! ;)

hwalker said...

super ideas!