Friday, September 4, 2009

King Tut's Here

We finally got around to King Tut, the boys were delighted. We read a little about him from varying sources, which all argued about his age when he was crowned Pharaoh. They equally argued what his age was at his death. Most of our sources claimed there might have been foul play as well, but one lone sources says that due to modern scanners and the likes they've noticed he had a severely broken leg and perhaps he died from an infection. I guess that will remain one of those mysteries. The boys were totally fascinated by the Golden Mask, which we were able to view real pictures of thanks to Wickipedia. Can't imagine how heavy that sucker must have been though! We opted to go with printable masks that you can color and tape/glue together, you can find them here.

We also discussed hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone, & Jean Champollion. The boys liked thinking of the hieroglyphics as a code, and Morgan enjoyed "cracking" some in the book Pyramids! 50 Hands on Activities To Explore Ancient Egypt. This is really a great book, and most of our hands on projects (even if just the idea) came from this little book. Then the boys were suppose to make their own cartouches out of clay, but they decided paper was a better idea. I'm all for that. Morgan really, really, wanted to try drawing his, and I've now got a boat load of paper with his attempts at an owl for M. He wasn't satisfied with it, so I found graphics online for him and we printed those out. We laminated the whole thing (the actual cartouche I made with my scrapping program) and put a string in it. I'm not sure if he's planning to hang it up or store it in his notebook.

I also found a couple of fun sites with a variety of information on Ancient Egypt. Color Me Egypt not only has coloring pages, but also has lots of word search papers to print out. Paper dolls (so-so), finger puppets, and the likes. Ancient Egypt Fun has a variety of online games based on Ancient Egypt for the kids to play. Some of the links work, and some don't. We tried two games, which were dud links, and another one which was really fun. The kids had to find Egypt on the map (no lines or markers to decipher it), then they were able to explore a tomb and click on all the stuff inside of it to inspect it. Lots of fun for them. They are very eager to try out a few more of them.


SC said...

Thanks for sharing your Egypt study, we start a study on Egypt in two weeks, I'll have to check out your resources.

Kendra said...

We've actually had a lot of fun with it. We're not quite done yet as we didn't get to our Mumies and Pyramids this week, but that's okay we'll finish up next week. :D I'd highly recommend that book, Pyramids! 50 Hands On..