Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Good Book..

We're pretty avid readers around here. I have books in every room of the house, and even half the hallways have books on a shelf in them. I use to get laughs from a few family members about my book issues, and my plans for a home with a library in it are always met with laughter. Especially when I mention one of those ladders that can spin around the room.. Okay, so maybe I'm being fanciful, but I'm pretty sure we own enough books to start our own private library here. The part that really confuses people is that not only do we know what books we have, but at least one person in this house has read all the books we own. Granted, it might not be the same person who's read each book, but the point remains someone has read them. Morgan's greatest ambition when he was 2 was to learn to read so he could have his own library card. Seriously! He'd sit at this little table and work quite hard at making his abc's too.

A real threat to my kids is revoking their library card for any length of time. The mere mention of such a threat brings instant panic to them, but their not alone! The librarian once told me on a Wednesday that the library would be closed the following Monday and I made sure to get back in before they were closed for that extra day! This has left such an impression on the kids, that when Morgan was learning his days of the week his picture for Sunday was me. Yeah, in a very unlady like fashion jumping up and down pulling out my hair because *gasp* the library was closed. Lawrence laughed for hours over that one.

When we go in used stores the first place we hit is the books. There's just nothing like finding a good book. So last month when I was cashing in my credits over at I decided to pick up the book called Inkheart. I read a review about it quite some time ago, and was finally ready to make some time to listen to it.

There was one small problem.. The book is so well written, and so well read that I was lost to the world for sixteen solid hours. I was found at all times with my ipod in my ears listening away, and when I was done I simply said, "You guys have to hear this!" It's true, it's an amazingly good book.

I'll also add that while it has fanciful creatures in it (fairies) it's not actually a book of magic at all. Rather the "spell" the title refers to is the captivation one feels when pulled into such an amazing story told be an even more wonderful storyteller.


Diane said...

The movie is pretty good also. My 10 yr old tried to read it recently and I think it was still a little to hard for her, maybe next year or maybe I will read it to her myself. Great Story!

Kendra said...

We haven't seen the movie yet, I'm quite eager to though! :D