Friday, September 25, 2009

G-Force Cookies

G-Force finally hit theaters here this month, and two little boys I know were over the moon excited! Guinea pigs, secret spies, and cool gadgets what more could they ask for? Okay, so personally the movie was a tad cheesy, but it was totally them and they loved it. They are now hoping it comes out on dvd soon so they can buy it. Which of course means they will then watch. Over, and over, and over.. Yup, they loved it. In a recent Family Fun magazine they had a recipe and instructions to make G-Force cookies.

I asked Jayden if he'd like to make them, and he jumped at the chance. So we went to the store to purchase some peanuts and broke into our new stash of grain sweetened chocolate chips and set to work. I made the dough up, swapping coconut sugar for the sugars originally called for. Jayden put the eyes on and Morgan tended to the ears. It was quite the assembly line we had going. Then the boys proceeded to gobble them right up. I was told they were good, and we'll just have to take their word for it, because I wasn't permitted to eat a single one!


Sadie said...

Very cute! I'm very interested in the coconut sugar. Does it have any of the same benefits of coconut oil?

Kendra said...

Sadie, I don't know about the same benefits as coconut oil, but I do know it's loaded with vitamins and such. You can read the nutritional evaluation at the Loving Earth website. At least for the brand I buy. For us, it's more about availability and health. We can't eat cane sugar so we must use alternatives. Stevia, Fruit Juice, Honey, Maple Syrup, Rice Syrup, and Molasses while making our cookies sweet don't give us the same texture we might normally have. Bummer. I know that Date sugar helps a bit, but due to migraines I'm not suppose to be consuming dates for a while (total bummer), and Maple Sugar which is just cooked down maple syrup, would be great for cookies but it costs me about 20 dollars for less then a cup of it. Too expensive. Thus, we use the yummy coconut sugar. We really only use it in our cookie making, and occasionally for jam making. ;)

Kylie said...

mmmm my two would love these. They just saw GForce on Wednesday too!