Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Father's Day Finds

For those of you who are wondering why on earth I'm fussing with Father's Day in September, it's because in Australia that's when Father's Day is celebrated. It's one of the holidays I've had a hard time reminding myself of. Funny thing is, I struggle just as bad about remembering to send a card to my dad in June. The switch-a-roo has me all messed up and confused. In fact, I leave mental reminders to myself to remember to pick up an extra card in September to have one to send out in June! This year has been even harder because we don't watch tv very much I'm not plagued with the constant ads demanding I buy the latest and greatest power tool. All the better, since my poor husband has a huge aversion to power tools. When he uses them, I take a photo for prosperity's sake! He doesn't drive, so he doesn't need the latest GPS system, and he's not very likely to be found wearing a tie either. None of this truly matters because we love him just the way he is, instead we plan outside the box to be all geared up and ready. (No reading from this point on Mr L.)

This year I've stock piled a few things that I know my boys will love putting together for Daddy. Morgan has a few ideas of his own, like replicating a restaurant style dinner (which is something I put up for the kids from time to time when it's abysmally rainy and dreary, and I'm into throwing a checkered cloth on the table and serving their food in funny plates..), and trying for breakfast in bed (I'm so not a fan) and making Lemon Meringue Pie. (Daddy's favorite and I'm playing with a sugar-free dairy-free recipe!)

So here's the crafts and other goodies I've found that the boys are working on this week:

Father's Day Lapbook -- seriously, all though I think it's best fitted for 8 and up. It discusses the history of Father's Day as well as a few fun "things" to include for Dad himself.

Father's Day Notebooking Pages -- these pages come in a variety of sizes so that even beginner writers can jot a note to Dad. I think the boys will love using our ProClick on this project. I love that she's offering them for free too!

16 Disney Craft Ideas -- I know not everyone is into Disney, and that's cool, but while the crafts are from Disney not all of them have to be Disney related. I think Jayden will especially enjoy making the crown.

Paper Tie -- while we don't give out a real tie, we've found varying ways to give out paper ties for a fun laugh. This one will tuck nicely into the Notebook they make, and I'm sure we'll see some really zany ties.

Best Dad Certificate -- the kids can fill it out for why their Dad is the best, this will also tuck nicely into our notebook.. Can't wait to see what reasons the kids have, remember the Mother's Day interview?

Father's Day Coupons -- these ones are from Family Fun, but the 16 Disney Crafts also has a fun Coupon book.

Father's Day Pack -- I picked this up a while ago, but we may wait another year on this one. While I think it would make a beautiful gift, I'm thinking another year and Morgan could do it completely on his own. This one will cost $2.00 (USD)

Mini Golf -- there's more then mini golf at this link, in fact there's a large variety of things for children of all ages to make. I suspect my boys would LOVE putting together a mini golf course, I'll just need to remember to raid the recycle bin before it's put out! I'm highly considering the deck organizer, but I suspect Morgan would prefer to keep such a thing for himself.

As for me, I'm thinking something like this, cause one thing my husband can never get enough of is chocolate. That site actually has some really wonderful ideas for a variety of things, if you want some inexpensive date ideas you'll find lots there. All though I do, personally, classify it as an "adult only" site.

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