Saturday, September 12, 2009

F.F.W.W.: Nim's Island

This week the boys will be finishing up an online class based on the novel Nim's Island. We really love Nim's Island, and the sequel Nim at Sea. They kept us captivated until the very end, and we must honestly say that it's one book where the movie followed along reasonably well. The boys fell so in love with Nim, that for weeks after we read the book the first time they fought over who'd be Nim as they played out the story. They roped the dog into being Selkie, and pulled out a few toy lizards to play Fred's roll. So we were delighted to see that Professor H was offering up a class on Nim's Island! In the class the boys listen to a short video and then compile a notebook as they go along. We opted to only participate in a few classes and wait for the rest to be posted so we could do them in a weeks (maybe a pinch more) time. This also gives us the opportunity to see about adding in a few fun things to complete our studies. So this week, on top of watching the ever funny Prof. H and compiling the notebook the boys will also:
  • Open a coconut (with a hammer instead of Jack's Machette), and after eating the meat use the shell for a bowl
  • Scour the seaside for shells, and check for messages in a bottle (you might have to read the book to understand that one!) -- I may put a message in a bottle in their workboxes
  • Record the coming and going of the tide
  • Check their weather stations daily
  • Read about hurricanes & volcanoes
  • Work on a weather notebook
  • Learn about Marine Iguanes, sea lions, sea turtles, & frigate birds
  • ride on a raft (possibly, we'll have to see how the weather goes)
  • Make flat bread (pita)
  • discuss emergency evacuation plans for our family
  • They'll also need to wrap up any of their outstanding Egyptian projects
What about you? What do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes? Blog about it and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along, leave us a comment and tell us what fun things you have planned for your workboxes!

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