Saturday, September 19, 2009

F.F.W.W.: Nim's Island Again

You'll be seeing most of the repeats from last week's boxes because we never tackled Nim with Jayden being sick. However, the upside is I remembered a few things I'd tucked away so the boys will be finding those as well. The boys are looking forward to digging back into Nim, they each have their favorites from the book. It really comes as no doubt that Jayden's favorite is Fred. In fact I think Jayden is quite like Fred, except for maybe all that coconut eating! Morgan really likes Jack because Jack does all sorts of amazing science things, but he also really likes Nim because she has a spy glass and a pocket knife, plus she gets to help Jack with lots of his science stuff. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you should really pick up a copy of Nim's Island! Anyway, on top of watching our Prof H videos that go with the Nim classes we'll be:

  • Open a coconut (with a hammer instead of Jack's Machette), and after eating the meat use the shell for a bowl
  • Scour the seaside for shells, and check for messages in a bottle (you might have to read the book to understand that one!) -- I may put a message in a bottle in their workboxes
  • Record the coming and going of the tide
  • Check their weather stations daily
  • Read about hurricanes & volcanoes
  • Work on a weather notebook
  • Learn about Marine Iguanes, sea lions, sea turtles, & frigate birds
  • ride on a raft (possibly, we'll have to see how the weather goes)
  • discuss emergency evacuation plans for our family
  • Watch Bill Nye's Weather video (Morgan's been itching on this one for a while!)
  • Weather math (think graphs)
We'll also be starting our new art program & Bible study this week. We're excited about both of them!
What about you? What do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes? Blog about it and then come link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Just leave us a comment telling us what fun things you have planned for your boxes this week.

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