Sunday, September 6, 2009

FFWW: Egypt Wrap-Up

We had hoped to finish up our Ancient Egypt studies last week, but we had so much fun putting together a book for Daddy for Father's Day that we didn't quite manage everything we had planned for Egypt. So this week we have a bit more Egypt stuff & hopefully a field trip. The boys have really enjoyed their studies on Ancient Egypt, and were quite shocked at how disgusting the details of mummy making were in their Indiana Jones book. In fact, Morgan was so mortified by it he's not sure he wants to do our mummy lessons this week. Morgan's not really one of those "blood & guts" kinda boys. He's more into the bones then the guts, he's actually inspected many bones along our nature walks, but if he sees fur or skin on them he freaks out. So here's hoping we can do a small bit of mummy fun without giving the poor boy nightmares!

  • Build a clay pyramid (this may become play-do or blocks) after reading You'd Wouldn't Want To Be A Pyramid Builder
  • Make a sledge (this should be very fun as they'll need to operate it with their noses)
  • Wrap each other up as mummies after reading Mummies Made In Egypt by Aliki
  • Read about the "pecking order" in Egypt and draw a diagram of it for their notebooks
  • Discuss and notebook Moses & Joseph's roles in Egyptian History
  • Read about and notebook Cleopatra; add to timeline
  • Finish up their nile river replica so we can get a photo of it for their notebooks
  • Choose a Pharaoh crown to make and wear
  • Make & Play Senat
  • Field trip to the Honey Farm
Then the boys will have lots of fun sharing their Egyptian notebooks with Daddy and anyone else who will sit still long enough to listen. So if you live in Tasmania watch out!
What about you, what do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes? Blog about it, and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Leave us a comment to tell us what fun things you're planning for your workboxes this week!

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