Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Change Of Plans

So this week we had grand plans for school and maybe even a field trip to a local police department. Then Jayden woke up dragging, snuffly nosed, cough, the whole nine yards. The poor kid has been dragging the whole week, and has even succumbed to naps. The upside of homeschooling is that he doesn't actually miss any school, we just change our plans a bit. We indulge a bit more in our read alouds, we pop on a few "educational" videos (you know like Magic Schoolbus & Bill Nye) and we play a few more games and we skip some of the other items we'd normally do. It means our workboxes are out, and we're not going to be embarking upon Nim this week either, but that's okay. The ocean is always out there waiting for us.

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