Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Rainy Day..

I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, I promise! In fact, if you make the mistake of saying that Morgan will give you a rather long lecture on how the world isn't flat so it'd be totally impossible to fall off the edge.. That kid takes in a lot more then we give him credit for sometimes! We're still suffering through some dreary days here despite spring having settled in. I've been asked countless times if I've got webbed feet yet, but with the amount of rain we've had I think the webbing is taking over my body! It's gotten to the point where people all over our town have given up waiting for the rain to stop. You see them out doing ordinary things in the rain.. you know, walking the dogs (because not everyone's dog hides under a bush when it rains!), playing on the playground, and hanging up the washing-- outside.

In fact, I was beginning to feel guilty this week when I realized the haircutting cloth and apron were still on the back line (we had a few hours of sun this past weekend..) until I realized that my poor neighbors laundry wasn't just out in the rain, but it was blowing away (into our yard) in the rain.

I have to be honest and admit that on Wednesday we woke up to beautiful blue skies and warmth! It was so amazing and shocking we drew a smiling sun on the calendar to mark the occasion. We threw caution to the wind and went down to the beach. We spent too many hours crab hunting, barnacle inspecting, and shell collecting before pure hunger drove us home for lunch. We washed every piece of laundry we could possibly find and hung them all outside to dry! We opened the windows and beckoned all the fresh air we could in. When we woke up Thursday and saw the sun shinning again we repeated the day, but instead of laundry washing the boys stripped down to their bare essentials and went swimming in the icy cold ocean.

No, I'm not joking. Morgan came to his senses much quicker then Jayden who lamented it was quite unfair he had to come out and warm up for a while. After all if ones unders are all ready soaked and you didn't bring a spare pair to the beach why not just keep swimming? We eventually lured him out and set him to work digging for clams and crabs (none of which he found on the area of beach we'd claimed as our own.)

Needless to say when we woke up today and were found shivering around the heater and forlornly staring out at the abysmal sky it was a huge let down. Even the dog seemed less then pleased. There were no visits from Mr & Mrs Blackbird who've set up residence in our back garden. All though the boys opted to dash outside early and play Egyptologists before the rain fully set in.

I figure at the rate the rains falling I'll just start sending the kids outside for their baths, the dog can join them! If I send everyone outside with the dirty dishes and soap I can save water there too. And really, to be fully honest, I'm up for washing my hair in the rain. I mean, there's no point really in running the shower when it's constantly running outside!

I know I shouldn't complain about rain, there are parts of this country that are still in drought and thus under major water restrictions. I also know that all this rain will mean some big juicy watermelons come summer, and in fact we've all ready started to notice a few in our veggie shed this week! I'm also pretty sure the frogs and ducks are as happy as the clams, but wow I've no idea how on earth Noah and his family stayed sane for those 40 days and nights. I feel for him, I really do.

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