Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another CurrClick Sale!

Marcy pointed out that Currclick is having another fantastic sale again, and I thought I'd share about it. I always like cashing in on a great deal, and some of the products are over 50% off!! Not everything is on sale this time, just a few of the things from varying publishers. The items that caught my interest this time were put out by the folks from History Scribe. Morgan loves drawing and writing, so using notebooking pages that work that way is perfect for him.

I was especially excited by this find! History Scribe Scholar offers 36 of their history ebooks in one. It's also including the three varying levels they offer. It's currently on sale for $7.50 compared to it's normal $30 price. If you'd prefer it on cd, you can purchase it that way directly from History Scribe, but it's not currently on special over there. The idea is that the child draws a picture of what they've learned and then they write about it as well. These will be perfect to go along with our Gold study that we have coming up, not to mention the pending World War II study Morgan is really intent on. It also covers topics like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Civil War, Colonel times and more!

This History Scribe Biographies has over 100 different papers for the kids to draw a picture and write about famous people throughout history. This particular ebook focuses in on world history, but includes a few well known Americans and even Biblical folks as well. Because I want to use these papers to go along with our history lessons I also picked up the 100 Famous Artists, 100 Famous Scientists, 100 Famous Writers, & 100 Famous Americans. Many of these will match up quite well with the books we enjoy reading for history. The really fun thing about these ebooks is that not only do they come with some amazing papers for specific people in history, but there's also a few blank pages, which means the boys can use the blank ones for the various famous Australians they'll be learning about too. These are all up for grabs for $1.32 right now!

Unfortunately, the one thing the history ebook didn't come with was Pioneer papers, and since we'll be studying this era in history I opted to pick up the additional History Scribe Pioneer ebook. This covers a large span of time and will work well with a few of our Five In A Row units as well as with our major pioneer study that we have planned. Some of the topics covered are Going West, Oregon Trail, Indians, Prairies, Homestead Act, etc. Considering we were going to do some studies out of the Little House On The Prairie books I think these notebooking papers will fit in well and save me a bit of time making some for our studies! It was very well priced at only $1.32 as well, I love it when we find a great deal like that.

I also picked up this Science Scribe ebook about Weather. It too covers a large range of weather information, and will go perfectly with our Nim study, or just to use in general. Morgan seems really caught up in the weather lately too. I'm not sure if it's a pure scientific interest, or just a, "when will it stop raining so we can go camping.." kinda interest. He's been slowly working on building his own weather station too, so I think he'll enjoy drawing pictures and writing about what he's doing/learning will be a nice touch for him. I think they'll both find it useful this summer as well to track clouds with for their nature journals.

I was delighted to see a Geoscribe book as well. My kids LOVE geography. They can't get enough of it. We have way too many maps hanging around this place, but they are always in use. The boys mapping skills are outstanding, as they proved when we went orienteering earlier this year. This ebook comes as a large zip file containing three large ebooks. One focusing on the United States, one focusing on Countries around the world, and one focusing in on mapping terms. I think my boys will be all over these ones, wanting to draw and write to make their own world atlas.

I also ended up picking up Bible Scribe, this is 9 ebooks in one where the kids can draw pictures and narrate (or write it themselves) stories of the Bible. This will go along beautifully with our study of the New Testament this year. I love that they can simply draw a picture of what their Bible verse means to them if they want, or of more specific things as we study them.

I also snatched up a copy of American Holidays & History Of Christmas by History Scribe. We'll be using them for a variety of things. While you can download all of these as ebooks from Currclick, you can also buy them on cd via History Scribe. No, I am in no way affilated with History Scribe, I just really enjoy their products. In fact, I'd really love to snag one of their Timeline books...

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