Friday, August 7, 2009


After six months of wet, cold, windy, & muddy soccer games the end is fast approaching. It's one of those ends you welcome and dread.. I'm grateful I won't need to rush people through Saturday morning breakfasts and morning chores. I'm grateful I won't need to fuss over clean uniforms, and missing shin guards, or muddy cleats for a while. At the same time it's been fun seeing Morgan's soccer side emerge once again. He's learned an incredible amount and plays just about every position available this season, shocking his teammates as goalie and saving 4 out of 5 goals.. Which would include one that had his mother standing on the sidelines not breathing because about 12 pairs of cleats belonging to 11 year olds were aimed for him!

I'm really going to miss the shock on players faces when they see someone half their size playing, and find out he's not a sub. Or watching Morgan attempt not to blow away (literally) during throw-ins and kick-offs. Or hearing him come home rolling with laughter because a teammate said, "Stinky Cheese!" after missing the ball. Or his complete amazement that someone would be named Paige, after all that's nothing more then a piece of a book! I'm going to miss listening to teammates worry that he won't be able to complete something in practice only to be stopped mid-sentence because he can.

At the same time, I'm not going to miss busses speeding down the road while soccer balls are flying right at them. Or games being held up while we track soccer balls down across the street, or seeing children clamber under and into cars to find the alleged missing balls. Maybe we'll put this off season to good use and petition the council for nets and fences.. Somehow I'm thinking we'll probably spend the off season drying out, warming out, and getting the knots out of hair and counting down the days until it starts again..

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